"wonderful thing will happen if you keep believing...."

A firmly believing attitude in our ordinary lives

HARPAZO is a Greek verb means snatch away or caught up (by force).
The verb is taken out of context from the Bible:
I Thessalonians 4:17 NKJV .
It seems fanciful, even crazy, to believe that such a thing could actually happen!
But we, at HARPAZO, believe that for those who persevere, wonderful things will happen!
The core belief of HARPAZO is to face our ordinary daily lives with this firm attitude.

Isn't life a gamble sometimes? You always have to make a choice. Which side do you want to bet on? Choosing to believe what seems like crazy ? Or choose to let the environment and situation define you?
Is there any better choice than insisting on believing?
Seek and you will find - your answer and the blessed hope.
Wonderful things happen to those who keep believing.

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