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T417 Travel Perfume 10ml

T417 Travel Perfume 10ml

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"Through clouds of confusion and darkness, find your own belief."
Top Notes: Fresh Floral

Aroma: Angelica
Surrounded by the fragrance of angelica, the scent draws out inner desires. It yearns to traverse rainbows and enter the clouds. Warm and pure, subtle yet profound, this fragrance supports your belief with strength.

Heart Notes: Floral
Aroma: Tuberose
In a garden free from pain, tuberose blooms gracefully under the night sky. The evening breeze releases the luxurious scent of white flowers, unique and creamy, rich and full. Love quietly ascends in the twilight.

Base Notes: Woody
Aroma: Amberwood
The woody aroma is deeply grounding, reminiscent of the most steadfast bass notes you've heard through the years. It brings comfort to a life filled with highs and lows.

Discover the journey of belief with our exquisite perfume, guiding you through confusion to find your inner strength.

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